Jejune –지준. 지루하고, 재미없는, 하품나오는. (행동,태도) 미성숙한, 어린애 같은, 너무 단순한

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Jejune –지준. 지루하고, 재미없는, 하품나오는. (행동,태도) 미성숙한, 어린애 같은, 너무 단순한

adjective jih-JOON

What It Means

Jejune is a formal word often used as a synonym of juvenile to describe things (such as behaviors, attitudes, etc.) that are immature, childish, or simplistic. It can also mean "uninteresting" or "boring."


// Her rude and jejune remarks about the painting were entirely unbefitting someone of her stature in the art world.


// The movie adaptation employed surreal visual effects to tell the story, making the plot, jejune in the novel, archetypal rather than artless.


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JEJUNE in Context

"These formulations—'rise up or submit,' 'insist on your autonomy'—border on the jejune. Yes, we live in a world of laws, drudgery, interdependence.

But we also live in a world rife with real injustice and, like any concept, freedom is always contextual." — William Finnegan, The New York Times, 17 May 2021

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