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흑인들이 살아남는다는 것은 미국의 쇠망을 의미한다.

누가 미국에서 살아 남겠냐?

몇 사람 안돼

흑인(니그로)은 더 적고,

남부 가난한 백인들도 전혀 살아남지 못해

사회주의자 흑인들은 더더욱 !

20센트 주고 마약하는 흑인들이 살아남겠냐?

스털링 밤거리 배회하는 여자들이 삼아남겠냐?

머리에 동동구리무 바르고 이탈리안처럼 보인다고 해서 흑인들이 살아남을 것 같냐?


기독교인들도, 살아남지 못해

1944년 미네소타 주에서 미국원주민의 진실은 다 증발되어 버렸다.

그 진실의 역사는 불태워졌고 바다 밑에 가라앉거나 증기되어 사라졌어.

그러나 우리 흑인들은 미국에서 살아남을거야

흑인의 생존이야말로 미국의 죽음이니까.

흑인이여 살아남아라

우리 모두 살아남자 !

서로 남아남길 기원하자!


아미리 바라카 (Amiri Baraka 1937 ~ 2014) 미국 뉴욕 근처 뉴악 Newak 태생. 시인.작가.교사.흑인민권운동가

Who Will Survive America - Amiri Baraka

Who will survive in America?

Few Americans

Very few Negroes

No crackers at all

Will you survive in America

With your 20 cent habit?

Yo, 4-bag Jones, will you

Survive in the heat and fire

Of actual change? I doubt it

Will you survive, woman? Or will your nylon wig

Catch afire at midnight and light up Stirling Street

And your ass prints on the pavement. Grease melting in this

Brother's eyes, his profile shot up by a Simba thinking

Who was coming around the corner was really Tony Curtis

And not a misguided brother, got his mind hanging out with Italians

Who will survive?

The black future will

You can't with the fat stomach between your ears

Scraping nickels out the inside of nigger daydreams

Few Americans

Very few Negroes...maybe no Red Negroes at all

The stiffbacked chalklady baptist, in blue lace

If she shrinks from blackness in front of the church

Following the wedding of the yellow robots

Will not survive. She is old anyway, and they're moving

Her church in the wind

Old people? No

Christians? No

First Negroes to be invisible to Truth, 1944, Minnesota? No

Nothing of that will be anywhere

It will be burned clean

It might sink and steam up the sea. America might

And no Americans, very few Negroes, will get out

No crackers at all

But the black man will survive America

His survival will mean the death of America

Survive Blackman! Survive Blackman! Survive Blackman!

(Black woman too)

Let us all survive, who need to OK?

And we wish each other luck!

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