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모르는 분들을 위해서. 제가 한국에 있을 때,  내 가족이 살고 있는 미국 칸자스에서 빨간 신호등에 운행을 해버린 차가 내 가족 차를 들이받았다. 

아내 휘트니는 경미한 통증과 멍이 든 채 차 안에서 빠져나왔고, 딸 먼로는 긁힌 자국도 하나 없고 조금 멍든 정도였다. 그러나 아들 웨스틴은 이런 행운이 따르지 않았다.

가족 차를 들이박은 차가 아들 웨스틴 좌석을 바로 들이박아버렸다. 

웨스틴이 사경을 헤매고 있을 때, 시골 뒷길에서 이 광경을 목격했던 3명의 천사와 아내 휘트니는 1분만에 웨스틴 얼굴을 담요로 덮고 출혈을 막은 채 앰뷸런스 차로 아들을 후송했다. 

 그리고 나서 휘트니와 웨스틴은 지금 우리가 머물고 있는 칸자스 시내 어린이 자애 병원으로 (헬기같음) 후송되었다. 

웨스틴이 왼쪽 눈으로 사물을 볼 수 있는 확률은 0%이고, 왼쪽 눈이 그 자리에 그대로 자리잡을 수 있을지도 불투명한 상태다. 

Aaron  Brooks


So, as many of you know by now, we have been through hell this week.

 For anyone who doesn't know, I was in South Korea while my family was struck by a driver running a red light back home in kansas. 

Whitney walked out with minor pains and bruises, Monroe literally did not have a scratch and just light bruising, but our Westin shark was not so lucky.

 The truck that hit them basically hit straight where Westin was sitting and very close to Whitney. 

Westin literally had to fight for his life as Whitney and 3 angels who were on the scene in a rural backroad area in literally 1 minute, held his blanket over his face to try and control bleeding and got him into an ambulance.

 Whitney and Westin were then air lifted to children's mercy hospital in Kansas City where we are now. 

Monroe is doing good and staying with Whitney's parents at the moment while we stay here every step of the way with Westin and win this fight.

 It is basically a 0% chance that westin will be able to see out of his left eye and we don't know if he will even be able to keep his eye in there. 

Thank God all 3 of these wonderful and amazing people in my life are here with me today. 

God is so good and has changed me for the better for the rest of my life. 

I will update again maybe next week on his progress.

 He is doing great but has a lot of discomfort. 

All we ask is for continued prayers which we are so thankful for up to this point. 

We are so blown away and thankful for the love that our family has received from so many people.

 #Godisgood #mywifeismyrock #wwmb36


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